Stash from Brighton, England are Paul ‘Mayhem’ Mayhew (vocals), Jasper ‘Guitar’ Vincent (guitar), Arron “the Baron” Bryant (bass), Dylan Amey (drums) and Sam Flynn (keyboards)

Their first release, mini album Six of the Best (2003) received favourable reviews, though the NME named them “…four of the worst dressed men in Brighton”

A full album of original material was released in 2015, entitled ‘Surrender the booty’

The individual band members have many years of musical experience between them, playing with the likes of Dick Taylor of the Pretty Things, Art Wood, Chris Jagger and the Eurythmics to name a few.

We are proud of having gained a loyal following over the years by playing honest, classic British rock , with punk energy and a twist of psychedelia.

You can listen to some of our music on Spotify: